About Us


I would like you to know about Brandon’s Cause. Brandon and Ryan Lucero are identical twins born three months premature on January 5, 2009. Our family was so excited and blessed to have identical twins. The twins fought for the first few months of their lives to survive, Our Baby Brandon’s life came to a tragic end one hot afternoon on May 25, 2010. Brandon was only 16 months old, when he was killed in a rear end collision, by an impaired driver on methamphetamine traveling at a high rate of speed. As a result this also injured and hospitalized his twin brother and Great Grandfather. May 27, 2010 after consulting with the physicians and providers in the hospital the difficult task of removing Brandon from life support had to be made. This shook the foundation of the entire family. I didn’t think this was something our family could even think about much less have to do. We will never recover from Brandon’s tragic death, and the loss of our precious Baby boy. How could this have happened? What could we have done so this didn’t happen? We all played this what if game. The truth is there is nothing we could have done to change the choices other people make which cause the heart break and pain any family may be going through.

Our family had previously been impacted by the loss of our parents and grandparents by a drunk driver killing Joy and Lucille Boydston on March 29, 1988, injuring and hospitalizing their grandson Manuel. The recovery from losing both our parents is still ongoing, the heartbreak has never healed. They have never met all their grandchildren or great grandchildren. How could this be happening again?

Our family decided to start Brandon’s Cause which is a non-profit organization. Brandon’s Cause will help victims and families whom are impacted by a severe or tragic crime. There will be an array of assistance, Brandon’s Cause is registered as a non-profit organization and is in good standing.

Brandon’s Cause understands what families will be experiencing, and our hope is to help other victims or families with the challenges and difficulties they will be facing. It may be caring for a family member that has been admitted in the hospital, or to reassure their recovery, or planning a funeral of a loved one. The heartbreak and pain is very real and unbearable. We cannot change what difficulties these families may be facing, our hope is to help them get through them.