Brandon’s Cause, Our Mission:

The Mission of Brandon’s Cause is to enhance the community awareness and capacity to assist Victims and families of serious or tragic crimes. To provide leadership, in changing attitudes, and policies, to promote healing for all victims and their families. Our goal is to excel in Victim services, programs, fundraising, and community awareness. To incorporate assistance for various non-profit organizations.bcause_photo_mainpage

The vision for Brandon’s Cause is simple: to permanently alter the way we treat victims of serious or tragic crime within the communities. The Officers in Brandon’s Cause and many others who work in the victim assistance field recognize the need for a better way to respond to crime victims or their families impacted. We seek a comprehensive way to change how we meet victims’ or their families needs. We have heard the call for a better way, and it is our fervent hope that Brandon’s Cause may create the path.

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